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When you need an engaging video produced, turn to Abilene, Texas’s premier independent video production company, {+} Pink Goose Media. Whether you have a fully fleshed out idea for your production or a concept that needs some outside perspective, {+} Pink Goose Media will help bring your vision to life. From video advertising to typography, motion graphics and everything in-between, {+} Pink Goose Media is your one-stop shop.

The talented videographers and editors at {+} Pink Goose Media are experts at developing and producing professional commercials and advertising campaigns. With experience in green screen videography, creative video editing and After Effects® motion graphics, you can rely on their expertise and high-precision video production skills to make your project a success. The team uses Adobe® Production Premium Suite® for every step of the process for superior digital imagery and seamless transitions. When you use {+} Pink Goose Media, the overall look of your brand and advertising will be striking.

The video production process has five simple steps:

  • Brainstorm: The creative team will meet with you and learn everything about your business, product and your goals for the project.
  • Script Writing Approval: The team will draft a script that encompasses your message within the allotted amount of time. It will be submitted for your review and approval before the project moves forward.
  • Collect Assets: Everything necessary to realize your project, such as video footage, still footage, voice-overs and graphics will be gathered. The team will then begin editing a first draft of your project.
  • Approval: You will receive an email link to view the first draft so you can approve the video or request changes. Because you’ve already approved the original script, it’s rare that you will want to make major adjustments at this stage.
  • Send To Media Outlets: It’s time to let your beautiful new commercial work its magic! {+} Pink Goose Media will help you find the right audience for your media production.

{+} Pink Goose Media has strong relationships with artists and local media outlets, so if you need on-screen talent for your project and a TV platform for your finished advertisement, {+} Pink Goose Media will be able to guide you. Call (325) 261-0746 today to get started on your media project, or visit them online to view their portfolio and learn more about their services.

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