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For almost 50 years, Ontario Hearing Centers in Rochester, NY has been dedicated to helping their community by providing them with the latest technology and most attentive treatment. They’re the experts that Monroe County turns to when they seek the most innovative solutions for their hearing loss problems.

With a team of audiologists and hearing instrument specialists, Ontario Hearing Centers is happy to offer their patients a wide array of services. They’ll start by providing you with a free hearing screening to assess any issues you may have before performing a complete diagnostic evaluation. From there, they’ll provide you with an assistive listening device, wireless hearing aid, or custom ear mold that will make you hear your clearest.

Each of Ontario Hearing Centers’ devices come with a 45 Day Evaluation Period so you know that when you leave their doors, you’ll continue to receive the highest level of care. They also provide specialty services and products, including hearing aid repairs and earplugs for musicians.

If the only thing stopping you from an appointment is the difficulty of traveling, Ontario Hearing Centers has a solution: they travel to homes in Rochester and the surrounding communities to evaluate hearing and provide hearing aids fittings and repairs. With the latest technology, they can bring advanced devices right through your front door.

If you’re looking for the highest level of service and best quality hearing devices, turn to Ontario Hearing Centers. Visit them on Facebook for the latest updates, or call them at (585) 442-4180 to schedule an appointment for a free hearing screening.

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