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Bo Poulsen Sustainable Real Estate

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As one of New York City's preeminent LEED- (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited brokers, Bo Poulsen Sustainable Real Estate is committed to helping his clients and other agents discover the benefits of sustainable living. With his expertise and unwavering commitment to his clients, you can find the energy-efficient home of your dreams while minimizing the environmental impact of your big-city lifestyle.

Bo Poulsen maintains listings of eco-friendly buildings throughout the city, and also works with architects and designers to dramatically cut down on energy usage greenhouse gas emissions, while maintaining comfortable, beautiful interiors and convenience. He is widely regarded as an expert in passive housing, involving indoor heating and cooling techniques that rely as much as possible on energy sources within the home.

Originally from Denmark, Bo Poulsen has worked all over the world, founding a successful real estate development firm in Moscow before moving to Atlanta to run a biotech firm. With his varied background and deep, personal interest in environmentally-friendly design, Poulsen has the skills and dedication to help in a wide array of situations, from renovation consultations to effective marketing for your green building project.

This accomplished real estate professional proudly practices what he preaches, and gladly shares what he's learned about the joy and benefits of going green. Visit his website to learn more about his background and steps you can take to make your lifestyle more sustainable, or just call Bo Poulsen Sustainable Real Estate at (917) 302-0956 to find out more about eco-friendly New York City living today.