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Bonham Electric, Inc., Electricians, Services, Dayton, Ohio

Since 1959, Bonham Electric, Inc. has provided excellent yet affordable electrical contractor services to residential and commercial customers in the greater Dayton, OH, region. Bonham Electric’s highly skilled, licensed electrical contractors install systems and generators in newly constructed homes and buildings, as well as repair and rewire existing systems.

Bonham Electric, Inc. is a full-service electrical contractor business, providing a host of services that include rewiring and electrical system additions, panel upgrades, fuse box replacement, and hot tub and swimming pool wiring. The company also installs safety and security systems including fire alarms, nurse call, and ID card access, among others. 

The residential division works with owners of both newly constructed and existing homes, while the commercial and industrial division of Bonham Electric, Inc. works with a number of well-known businesses throughout the Dayton area. For homeowners and employers who rely on standby generators, Bonham Electric has factory-certified professionals ready to provide expert installation and maintenance services.

Energy costs remain on the rise, but Bonham Electric utilizes green solutions, such as lighting retrofits, to help residential and commercial clients lower their monthly bills. The team at Bonham Electric, Inc. will not only design a sound electrical system for your home or office building, but they'll also process the rebates you will earn as a result of using energy-saving measures.

Need to hire a licensed electrical contractor? Don’t hesitate to call Bonham Electric, Inc. for a free estimate at (937) 233-7662, or visit their website to learn more about 24-hour electrician services.

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