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Crescent Ford

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High Point, NC 27265
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If you are in the market for a new Ford truck or car, or need reliable service for the vehicle you already own, Crescent Ford in High Point, NC offers reliable and prompt service.

Located conveniently between Greensboro and Winston-Salem, Crescent Ford is worth the short drive. The dealership's wide selection, friendly service, staff of trained technicians, and helpful sales team will be your top reasons to never go anywhere else for your vehicle needs.

With an extensive inventory of new and used Ford vehicles, Crescent Ford can put every driver in their perfect new car. Whether you need a tough, rugged F-150 or a sporty, fuel-efficient Focus, there is a Ford for everyone, and you can find it in High Point. Once you find your new car, Crescent Ford can help with financing and valuing your current vehicle for trade.

If you aren’t yet in the market for a new Ford, Crescent Ford can help you care for the car you have. The dealership offers complete auto repair services, tires, oil changes, and collision repair. Crescent Ford can also be your supplier of Ford-factory accessories to customize your car and is your source for Ford replacement parts.

Customer satisfaction is the first priority at Crescent Ford, and the staff will prove it to you at every visit. View their online parts store, service specials, and even schedule an appointment with their High Point vehicle service center on the website. Call (336) 869-2181 to start your new car purchase or learn more about their services. 

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