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Climatech Mechanical Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Climatech Mechanical Heating and Air Conditioning Services

150 Dudley Ave
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Climatech Mechanical Heating and Air Conditioning Services, HVAC Services, Services, Wallingford, Connecticut

When you need reliable maintenance, repairs, or replacements for your heating and cooling systems, make sure you hire a qualified HVAC contractor for the job. Trust Climatech Mechanical Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Wallingford, CT, to meet all your HVAC repair and service needs. Their team has been serving residential, commercial, and industrial clients throughout central and southern Connecticut since 1994.


This HVAC contractor offers a wide variety of services to address the issues their clients encounter. Their certified technicians are trained to install and service all kinds of HVAC equipment, ensuring that they’ll be able to devise a solution no matter what problem you’re facing. They combine innovative technology with proven techniques to perform installations and repairs that leave your HVAC systems operating at peak efficiency.


In addition to servicing air and heating equipment, these experts repair and install refrigeration units and ventilation equipment, including exhaust fans. They also offer a variety of energy management solutions and control systems. With 24-hour services available, they guarantee that you’ll always have access to a qualified technician when you need assistance.


Proving their reliability and the quality of their services, this HVAC contractor holds various licensures and certifications. They’re also a member of numerous organizations, including:

  • American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers
  • Quinnipiac Chamber of Commerce
  • Better Business Bureau®
  • International Maintenance Institute
  • Air Conditioning Contractors of America

Restore comfort to your property with industrial, residential, and commercial HVAC services from Climatech Mechanical Heating and Air Conditioning Services. Call (203) 269-1600 or visit them online to receive your free quote today.

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