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For over 80 years the law firm of Dinkes & Schwitzer has been protecting the rights of people injured in serious accidents. With lead trial attorney William Schwitzer, Dinkes & Schwitzer has obtained top verdicts in New York State. During 2012 Dinkes & Schwitzer obtained one of the top Motor Vehicle Accident verdicts of $11.6 million for their injured clients. The top trial lawyers of Dinkes & Schwitzer deliver the largest settlements and verdicts, such as a $8.9 million verdict for an injured construction worker, a $4.2 million settlement for an injured construction worker, and a $37 million verdict for an individual seriously injured in New York.

NO FEE unless you get compensated on your case.

What separates Dinkes & Schwitzer from other personal injury law firms is their dedication, hard work and individualized approach with their clients. Attorneys at Dinkes & Schwitzer manage and handle their clients' files personally, NOT paralegals as many other law firms do.

All cases are handled with efficiency and complete transparency; clients are educated and counseled on rights under the law pertaining to their case, clients are NOT told what they want to hear as many other law firms do. At Dinkes & Schwitzer clients are told the realities of their case. Clients are treated as family NOT as a number. Attorneys care about your concerns and encourage clients to make frequent appointments with their trial attorneys to get updated status on their case.

Dinkes & Schwitzer knows that a debilitating injury will seriously impact your life and those around you. This is why their personal injury attorneys work tirelessly to get you the largest compensation possible. These attorneys are knowledgeable in multiple areas and assist you with settling lost wages, medical bills, and any other type of financial loss that you may experience as a result of your injury.

Trust the experienced and professional staff at Dinkes & Schwitzer for your injury claim. Whether you have suffered from injuries from a construction accident, motor vehicle accident, suffered from medical malpractice, traumatic brain injury, airline accidents, or any type of personal injury contact Dinkes & Schwitzer. Dinkes & Schwtizer will fight hard to get you the results you deserve... their past verdicts says it all!

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For over 80 years the law firm of Dinkes & Schwitzer has been protecting the rights of people injured in serious accidents. With lead trial attorney William Schwitzer, Dinkes & more