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Going Green Lawn Services LLC

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Going Green Lawn Services LLC, Lawn Care Services, Services, Fenton, Missouri

There’s nothing worse than looking across your freshly cut lawn and seeing a sea of dandelions and crabgrass. Don’t let your house be “that house” in your neighborhood; hire the experts at Going Green Lawn Services, LLC in Fenton, MO. With more than a decade of experience, this lawn care and landscaping contractor will ensure your yard is thriving and looks its best without you ever having to lift a finger.


As a state-certified and licensed lawn care company, they have the tools, equipment, and materials to ensure your lawn flourishes. They provide clients with affordable and professional lawn mowing, mulching, edging, and other landscaping services. They offer several lawn care packages that include weed control, aeration, and fertilization mixes that they’ll apply during spring and summer, as well as a final high-nitrogen fertilizer that they’ll apply in the fall to ready your lawn for winter. For those who don’t want to use chemicals on their property, take advantage of this team’s organic package.


This family owned and operated company doesn’t just provide lawn mowing and weed control. They also offer aeration, overseeding, and irrigation installation and repair services to ensure your yard is healthy and vibrant. They also have a package to meet all of your tree care and shrub trimming needs.


If you want lush, thick, green grass that’s the envy of the neighborhood, work with the professionals at Going Green Lawn Services. Call this lawn care business today at (636) 388-2883 to receive a free estimate or visit their website for an in-depth look at their lawn services.

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