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The caring staff at Vitt, Stermer & Anderson Funeral Home understands the important role a meaningful service plays when celebrating the life of a loved one, as well as the difficulties your family may experience after a loss. This full-service funeral home also recognizes that every family is unique, with special relationships and traditions, which is why it offers a suite of funeral planning services so you can memorialize your loved ones with the perfect service. With an extensive variety of products available and a commitment to helping your family heal, when you turn to this Cincinnati funeral home, you'll be sure you've made the right choice.

Vitt, Stermer & Anderson Funeral Home offers a suite of tools for helping you plan your loved one's funeral, including an online visual gallery with helpful design resources. You can also rely on the experience of the funeral home's helpful and compassionate staff members, who will help make your vision celebrating the individual life path and personality of your family member a reality. From beautiful funeral services to memorial selection and even cremation and burial services, they will handle the details so you can concentrate on healing.

To make this difficult process as easy as possible, Vitt, Stermer & Anderson Funeral Home also provides grief counseling as part of its services, with online support that continues long after the service is completed.

To learn more about Vitt, Stermer & Anderson Funeral Home , visit the website or call (513) 939-2273 to discuss your needs with a member of the staff today.

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Funerals are never easy. At Vitt, Stermer & Anderson Funeral Home, they understand how overwhelming trying to make decisions during a time of great loss can be. They also more
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