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Garrett's Towing & Recovery Service is dedicated to providing the Thomasville, NC area with complete car towing services. This highly respected towing company is organized around a single philosophy: customers should be able to rely on them to respond to any car-towing situation, 24 hours a day, with skills and equipment to get the job done safely. With the company's highly trained, fully insured crews and fleet of versatile vehicles, the staff can handle any emergency.

Whether you've been in an accident or need emergency roadside assistance, you can count on Garrett's Towing & Recovery Service for a prompt response and friendly, expert attention. The drivers provide a wide range of services, from tire changes to fuel delivery if you've run out of gas, and light-and-medium duty towing. The fleet can handle almost any vehicle, from large trucks to small cars, and almost anything in between.

Garrett's Towing & Recovery Service knows how important it is for you to get back on the road again and how stressful an auto breakdown can be. Whether you want your vehicle towed to the garage of your choice, heavy equipment transported to a job site, or suffer a flat tire, the staff will do everything they can to get your towing needs taken care of. They're even licensed for out-of-state work, so make them your first choice if you're transporting a valuable vehicle.

Visit Garrett's Towing & Recovery Service online to learn more about its services, or call (336) 476-3153 if you need immediate service.

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