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The Mayer Clinic is Fairbanks’ go-to source for advanced healthcare with a traditional, homey feel. Whether you’re experiencing a cold or just due for your annual check-up, the staff is dedicated to providing you with advanced, yet nurturing, service.

With so many options, choosing the perfect physician for even an annual check-up can be overwhelming. That’s where Drs. John and Natalie Mayer come in. Since 2006, they have been doing their best work in an intimate environment known as the Mayer Clinic. Since so many spacious workplaces lose their sense of personality and familiarity, the staff is committed to providing every patient with attention while ensuring their privacy.

From family medicine to surgery, Drs. John and Natalie Mayer have been practicing medicine for decades. Due to their long list of expertise, the Mayer Clinic offers a wide range of services: from Upper GI endoscopy and hernia repair to reflux treatment and vasectomy—they handle it all! To guarantee continuing care, the Mayer Clinic works with other facilities in both the Fairbanks community and across the country.

Looking for a new child doctor or a healthcare professional specializing in women’s health? The Mayer Clinic would love to see you… and they accept most insurances and forms of payment. Open Tuesday through Friday 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., visit their website to receive more information about their services, or call (907) 457-5050 to schedule an appointment.

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