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The heat in Arizona is dangerous on its own, but the intensity of the sun, especially in the summer, can cause a host of other problems, including potential damage to your vehicle. Protect yourself and your possessions with Tint Cartel in Chandler, AZ. They offer comprehensive auto window tinting to help block out 99 percent of UV rays.


These professionals use a digital cuttingPorsche with tinted windows technique to customize auto tint to fit the exact shape of your car’s features. As the only Llumar® tint authorized dealer in Chandler, they work with precision and care to avoid scratches, bubbles, and cracks and to ensure long-lasting results. Their staff is also specially trained to tint Tesla models. Choose from various charcoal shades and various tint types, including:

  • Metallized window tint: Lighter in shade than dyed tint, metallized auto window tinting allows the sunlight to shine through your window while protecting from damage or heat.
  • Ceramic Pro® window tint: This option features a ceramic nanoparticle layer that keeps out all UV rays. It’s also scratch-resistant, as well as metal-free, allowing your electronic devices to work without any disturbances.
  • Infrared rejection tint: For the best protective tint, go with infrared rejection. This selection is unmatched in terms of glare reduction, scratch resistance, and durability.

Committed to the total protection of your vehicle, they also offer auto paint protection and ceramic coating services to ensure your factory paintOrange truck with tinted windows job looks sleek and sharp for as long as possible. Clients can rejoice knowing their cars, trucks, and SUVs will withstand attacks from road debris. Speak with a staff member about financing options on clear auto bra, ceramic coating, and tinting products.


Tint Cartel is the area’s number one choice for auto window tinting and more. Call (602) 315-4050 or visit them online for more information today.

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