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Have you noticed multiple cracks in your driveway but can’t afford the expensive costs of hiring professionals to perform repairs? With UsealUSA™ Pavement Products in Bloomfield, CT, you can easily apply asphalt sealant yourself without any fuss or stress. Located in Bloomfield, CT, this company has developed an easy-to-use substance that accomplishes long-lasting results. They provide simple instructions, making application effortless for both residential and commercial customers.


This commercial-grade asphalt sealant can be used to fill in cracks at airports, highways, roads, and driveways. UsealUSA’s flexible formula is unique in that it provides a strong bond with pavement, concrete, and crack walls and is one of the few products on the market that fills in hairline cracks as well. It’s waterproof, weather-resistant, and temperature-resistant, helping to prevent further damage to your asphalt surfaces.


The process to apply this mixture is simple and easy to complete. The first step is to ensure that the crack is clear of debris and deposits. Next, heat the asphalt sealant over a camp stove or gas grill. After mixing the heated substance, you’re ready to apply with an easy-to-pour handle. Finally, use a scraper to smooth out the product for a sleek finish. After applied, the product dries within minutes so you can enjoy immediate use of your surface.


UsealUSA Pavement Products is your leading choice when searching for asphalt sealants to perform driveway repairs and more. Their affordable prices make fixing your surfaces a breeze. Call (860) 324-6015 for more information or visit them online to view their available products.

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