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Town & Country Travel Inc., Travel Agencies, Services, Pittsford, New York

For more than 20 years, Town & Country Travel has served upstate New York with reliable full-service travel arrangements. From business trips to family vacations, our trusted agency will turn your travel needs into a well-planned reality, whether it’s an international trip for a high-stakes meeting or a relaxing cruise on the high seas.

A truly elite travel management firm like Town & Country Travel does much more than simply book flights. Your personal representative is an all-around planner and problem-solver, working around foreseeable issues and jumping into action when the unexpected occurs.

With years of international travel expertise, you can count on your agent to think of everything, factoring in a body of knowledge gleaned from extensive experience in the industry—from international events and holidays that can complicate travel needs to rerouting an itinerary to avoid weather issues.

Here are just a few of the services Town & Country Travel can provide:

  • Domestic & Global Travel Planning
  • Vacation Travel Plans
  • All-inclusive Trips
  • Luxury Travel
  • Discount Cruises & Packages
  • Flight Ticketing
  • Hotel & Car Reservations
  • Business Travel
  • Group & Meeting Travel
  • Corporate Travel Management Reports
  • Travel Policy Review & Consultation
  • 24-hour Personalized Service

For unbiased travel advice, savvy cost management, and priceless time-savings, trust Pittsford’s Town & Country Travel, a proud member of the Women Business Enterprise and an American Express travel rep. For all of your domestic and international travel needs for business or leisure, call (585) 381-2850 or visit our website for more information.

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