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Káhala Nui

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Honolulu, HI 96821
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At Káhala Nui, a Continuing Care Retirement Community in Honolulu, Hawaii, senior citizens live out their golden years in island style. The continuing care retirement community pays immaculate attention to the details of its six-and-a-half-acre tropical property, offering residents a beautiful community to refine talents, pursue ideas and forge new friendships. As Hawaii’s premier senior living community, Káhala Nui covers essential maintenance and basic services so residents can focus on vibrant, independent living.

Seniors who sign up for Káhala Nui’s signature Life Care program enjoy lifelong residency at the landscaped neighborhood, conveniently located near shops, restaurants, a movie theater, places of worship and healthcare facilities. The facilities include 270 independent living apartments, including one-, two- and three-bedroom units, along with 123 health center residences. Benefits of Life Care include estate preservation (with a 90% refundable resident deposit), priority access to assisted living and comprehensive nursing (if needed), discounts on healthcare and predictable monthly costs. Caretakers focus on each resident’s individual needs and also treat Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Káhala Nui has developed a suite of quality-class services to suit its residents’ active lifestyles. They encourage residents to take part in on-campus activities, including dancing, book clubs, zen calligraphy, circuit training, hula, tai chi and even an annual fashion show. As for food, Káhala Nui’s senior diet and nutrition programs include island-inspired menus, with items like almond mandarin salad, BBQ baby back ribs and mango sorbet. By allowing Káhala Nui to take care of everything from interior and exterior home maintenance to utilities, central air conditioning and refuse removal, residents enjoy an abundance of free time to explore new interests and relax.

With quality healthcare, home services and dozens of activities for any interest, Káhala Nui is one of Hawaii’s best retirement living communities where seniors can age in peace. To learn more about senior living, senior health and wellness or joining the retirement community, call (808) 218-7200 or visit the website.

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