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You deserve a talented personal injury lawyer to fight for your rights. Driven by a dedication to helping clients achieve maximum compensation, skilled attorney Cindy Stine at the Stine & Associates, P.C. in Greensburg, PA, offers comprehensive personal injury, social security disability, and workers’ compensation services. She takes pride in serving individuals and families across Westmoreland County.


With more than 20 years of legal excellence, Stine & Associates, P.C. is the name you can trust in personal injury law. From motor vehicle collisions and defective products to animal attacks and unsafe property conditions, Cindy represents victims of a wide range of injuries. You can count on her to create a custom plan of action to hold rightful parties accountable for their negligent actions.


This local law firm also provides insights into social security disability insurance. Those dealing with physical or mental impairments can lean on Cindy to navigate the initial application process, denials, and appeals. Clients will receive advice on details that affect their eligibility for financial awards.


In addition to personal injury and social security law, Cindy also focuses on the rights of workers. Over the years, she has continued to protect individuals with financial security as they recover from injuries. She will answer questions regarding evidence collection, entitled benefits, and medical treatment claims.


When the time comes to select a reputable attorney to handle your personal injury lawsuits, turn to specialist Cindy Stine at Stine & Associates, P.C. Call her office today at (724) 837-0160 to schedule your free consultation or visit her online for more information.

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