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Roadrunner Recycling

Roadrunner Recycling is a scrap metal buyer and metal recycler serving San Marcos, TX, and the surrounding communities.

Roadrunner Recycling

16380 N State Hwy 123
San Marcos, TX 78666
(512) 353-4511
Roadrunner Recycling, Used Cars, Services, San Marcos, Texas

At Roadrunner Recycling, you can turn that broken-down car or old pile of scrap metal into cash. Headquartered in San Marcos, Roadrunner Recycling provides the region with quality car recycling and metal salvage solutions. The company prides itself on paying the top dollar amount in the area for automobiles and scrap metal.

Roadrunner's clean, convenient recycling center allows you to dispose of your metal items in an ecologically responsible manner. The company accepts aluminum, brass, copper, iron, and stainless steel material. And whether it's a truckload of old car parts or a long-dead computer monitor, you can be assured that Roadrunner Recycling will compensate you accordingly for your delivery.

The pros at Roadrunner offer cash for junk cars, regardless of the vehicle's condition. If your car is no longer in working order, don't worry; Roadrunner will come pick it up, pay you, and safely remove it from your property. Motorhomes, motorcycles, and trailers are also accepted.

Perhaps you're in the market for a dependable, affordable used vehicle? Roadrunner can help. The company has a stock of refurbished cars just waiting for new owners, and all are priced to sell-—$10,000 or less!

Call Roadrunner Recycling at (512) 353-4511 to learn more about its auto and recycling services, as well as its metal recycling prices. The staff will gladly provide you with a free estimate and will do everything they can to get you the most cash for your unwanted vehicle or scrap metal.

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