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Vitamins and supplements play an essential role in living a healthy life. From increased stamina to a strengthened immune system, the possibilities are endless. For a convenient and fast-acting vitamin supplement, turn to the folks at itSpray. Based out of Largo, FL, this innovative manufacturer offers three unique products in a simple spray solution.


Your immune system protects your body against viruses and bacteria. With BOOSTit™, individuals will receive a healthy dose of vitamins designed to improve the body’s natural defenses. This proprietary blend features no calories and no sugar. Seven sprays of the tasty citrus flavor under your tongue, wait 10 seconds, and swallow for the boost your immune system needs.


Are you searching for a charge of power before a workout? Instead of reaching for an energy drink, take advantage of CHARGEit™, the second product in this line of vitamin sprays. Affordable bottles include 25 doses of delicious berry flavor. From afternoon pick-me-ups to all-nighters, you can use CHARGEit to conquer tasks without the crash of other energy products.


The last vitamin supplement is DREAMit™, a proprietary blend of herbs that promote a restful night. One dose, up to 7 sprays, helps you fall asleep and stay asleep, refreshing your mind and body for the day to come. Try DREAMit to fight back against sleep deprivation.


If you enjoy energy drinks, Vitamin C formulas, and sleep aids, reach out to the folks at itSpray. Their revolutionary liquid vitamin supplements will change the way you think about immunity, energy, and sleep products. Visit them online for more information.

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