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Tim Frank Septic Tank Cleaning Co

Tim Frank Septic Tank Cleaning Co

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Tim Frank Septic Tank Cleaning Co, Septic Tank Cleaning, Services, Middlefield, Ohio

From excess water in tanks to sewage backups, homes and businesses can often run into issues with their septic systems. If you’re dealing with a serious problem, turn to a proven company. With a rich tradition of exceptional services that dates back to 1966, Tim Frank Septic Cleaning is the name you can trust in septic repairs and maintenance. Residential and commercial clients across Middlefield, OH, will benefit from their expertise.


Dedicated to solving situations quickly, this family owned and operated company offers comprehensive septic inspections. Well-trained technicians utilize cutting-edge video cameras to spot clogs in pipes without digging up the earth. Difficult blockages are removed with a high-powered sewer jetting tool that unclogs debris with 4,000 PSI of force.


This local septic system team provides septic tank pumping that includes commercial trash traps and aerated waste. Sewer cleaning services are also available for tighter spaces, such as a sink and bathtub drains. Whether you rely on a massive lift station or a sleeker design, these specialists will repair and replace your pumping equipment to ensure proper movement of wastewater and sewage.


Over the years, Tim Frank Septic Cleaning has built a strong connection in the community based around their commitment to client support. You can take advantage of their cost-effective routine maintenance programs or annual inspections. They also carry an array of dependable products, featuring chlorine tablets, distribution boxes, and septic tank risers.


When searching for a reputable septic system company, reach out to the friendly folks at Tim Frank Septic Cleaning. Call them today at (440) 636-5111 to schedule an estimate or visit them online for more information.

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