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Sealcoating & Striping by Jim Edge

Sealcoating & Striping by Jim Edge

Sealcoating & Striping by Jim Edge

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Sealcoating & Striping by Jim Edge, Driveway Sealing, Services, San Marcos, Texas

For over 36 years, Sealcoating & Striping by Jim Edge has been providing their services to the San Marcos, TX area. During this time, they’ve become the industry leaders in driveway sealcoating and striping for commercial locations. From asphalt sealants to concrete cleaning, their trained professionals can handle any job.

From the second that new asphalt is laid down, it begins a process of oxidation. Over time, oxygen makes asphalt more brittle and stiff, and severe temperatures only heighten asphalt’s susceptibility to the elements. When you see asphalt start to become a lighter hue of black, and eventually crack, this is due to oxidation. However, if sealcoating is initiated within the first two years after asphalt is laid down and routine asphalt maintenance is performed, the rate of oxidation can be decreased by as much as 75%. This greatly increases the lifespan of a parking lot, which is typically 20-30 years.

Sealcoating will not only lead to safe asphalt and a longer life for your driveway or parking lot, but it looks professional. Sealcoating & Striping by Jim Edge will also apply asphalt sealants to small areas of paved surfaces that are in rough shape. And after a successful sealcoating job, the team can also use top-of-the-line airless stripers to designate new parking spaces for your business.

Sealcoating & Striping by Jim Edge’s clients run the gamut from large corporations to airports and every business in between. No job is too big or too small. For more information about the services provided, visit the website, or call the staff at (512) 757-7437. Don’t let your parking lot deteriorate because you didn’t sealcoat it. Save money in the long run with expert services from Sealcoating & Striping by Jim Edge .

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