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Are you tired of insufficient leads and poor communication from your digital advertising agency? For comprehensive plans that satisfy your overall marketing strategy, turn to the detailed-oriented team at Big Raven Media. From yoga studios and gyms to fitness and wellness centers, this trusted digital marketing agency provides exceptional services for businesses across Minneapolis, MN, and the surrounding area.


Growing your business, seeing more profits, having more freedom and spending more time doing the things you love is something Big Raven Media has a great appreciation for. They get it. You need support and a proven strategy so you can spend less time working in your business (day to day marketing management) so you have more time to work on it (goals-long term visions and dreams-the fun stuff!).


Literally, there are a zillion and ten digital marketing experts with a billion different opinions on the best way to get things done. Big Raven Media knows the strongest most reliable strategy is to stop chasing the most recent shiny silver bullet in the world of digital marketing and focus on the basics.

Big Raven Media are skilled experts at helping you get your digital house in order--the strongest--most reliable--proven digital foundation is summed up this way:

  • You need to establish your business on Google (Google My Business, Google Maps, Google Analytics).
  • You need to create and share content (this includes communicating with your current and prospective customers through email). 
  • You need to engage in Social Media (Posting content, participating in conversations, providing value—not just asking for business).


Committed to driving down the cost and complexity of paid social advertising, Big Raven Media will work with your company to simplify your online lead generation. Reviewing your ad spend, these professionals will create a custom campaign, designed to drive leads through your inbound marketing channels. They utilize creativity and the latest industry trends to produce quality results.


This locally owned and operated firm is proud to offer sound solutions to establish and strengthen your digital footprint, including:


Inbound Marketing: Your potential customer goes to Google looking for a solution to a problem: I would like to try yoga where can I do that? I would like to get in shape-who is near me?


Social Media Advertising: Your potential customer is on social media looking at pictures of their grandma's cat. You want to pull their attention away from what they are doing and let them know about you and how you can help them. They might not be thinking about their health and wellness goals at that exact moment—because they were looking at pictures of cats.--but you interrupted or distracted them from what they were doing and now they are. 


Social Media & Email Content: You need to provide value to your potential customers. You need to give them a reason to know, like, and trust you. Content is how you start and strengthen your relationship with them. 


For long-term growth, discuss programs that develop customers into engaged fans of your products and services. Clients can also take advantage of bundled packages of content featuring industry-specific elements that can be shared daily on social media. Additionally, don’t hesitate to speak with staff members for feedback on your campaigns.


To compete in today’s competitive markets, you need reliable lead generation strategies. Grab your target audience with help from the specialists at Big Raven Media. Call them at (612) 567-3750 to schedule your free digital footprint audit or visit them online for more information.

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