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Center For The Healing Arts PC

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Are you interested in alternative medicine to ensure your health and well-being? At the Center for the Healing Arts, PC in Westport, CT, they have the facility and staff to provide you with a more organic way of healing illnesses. Their holistic doctor, Robban A. Sica, MD, works with your body’s natural rhythm and takes the time to ensure you have a full understanding of the methodology used at her office. The main concern of Dr. Sica and her staff is that you begin to heal through a natural and holistic process.


Sickness develops when the stressors on your body have caused your threshold for illness to weaken. While most conventional medicine focuses only on treating your symptoms, the holistic doctor at the Center for the Healing Arts goes deeper to treat the root cause of your illness, providing you with natural and less invasive alternatives. Their staff works with you to create an individualized plan to help correct your illness and promote overall health and well-being.


This holistic doctor performs numerous services in-house that align with your treatment plan. They offer IV therapy to combat the signs of sickness, which helps nutrients enter your system faster. They also offer women’s health examinations and infrared breast examinations, which are performed using thermography—a less painful and more natural approach to preventative care.


The Center for the Healing Arts uses natural ways to heal your existing illness and to help improve other aspects of your health. This holistic doctor and her staff utilize alternative approaches to more effectively treat your conditions and promote well-being. Call them today at (203) 799-7733 to schedule an appointment or visit them online for more information.

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