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Freedom From Waste

Freedom From Waste

1135 E Karsch Blvd
Farmington, MO 63640
(573) 747-0550
Freedom From Waste, Waste Management, Services, Farmington, Missouri

Are you trying to find a trash and recycling company that gives back? Freedom From Waste in Farmington, MO, has your scrap, dumpster rental, and recycling needs taken care of. This locally owned and operated waste management company puts its heart and soul into the work they do, giving back to the community with each service they provide and committing themselves to being a zero waste company.


In 2017, when a treacherous hail storm left thousands of shingles detached from roofs, this waste management company took it upon themselves to collect these shingles and recycle them instead of leaving them to decompose in a landfill, a process that would have taken over 1,000 years. This inspired the creation of their Save-It Recycling program, which turns discarded roof shingles from weather-related damage or renovation projects into asphalt for paving roads. They also staff a recycling center that accepts various donations, including clothing, toys, reading glasses, blankets, and tennis shoes. They’re looking to expand to food in the near future, helping out the area’s less fortunate.


This waste management company provides both commercial and residential trash and recycling services. For commercial properties, they install sturdy, durable dumpsters, ranging from two yards to eight yards in length. If you’re interested in something less permanent, rent a temporary dumpster or 20- and 30-yard roll-off dumpster for your big construction or demolition project. Residential clients can take advantage of their weekly trash pickup and 95-gallon trash cans.


Freedom From Waste helps give back to the community and provides excellent service as a trash collection business. Call (573) 747-0550 or visit them online for more information.

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