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Whether you dropped your iPhone® getting out of the car or your kids knocked over a glass of water onto your open MacBook®, when life happens to your Apple® products, put your faith in a skilled electronics repair team. For individuals dealing with the effects of broken screens and water damage, uBreakiFix in Cincinnati, OH, offers the reliable computer and cell phone repairs you deserve. These experts take pride in offering a wide range of services and exceptional customer support.


As a locally owned and operated franchise, this cell phone repair shop will stop at nothing to fix your broken iPhone, no matter the generation. From cracked screens to damaged headphone jacks, these talented technicians will utilize cutting-edge tools and proven techniques to bring your device back to life. You can count on them to conduct in-depth assessments and upgrade your phone with industry-leading parts.


Are you experiencing issues with your MacBook or iMac®? These computer repair specialists will assess your situation to create a custom plan of action. Clients will benefit from their expertise in the areas of memory upgrades, screen replacements, and disc drive repairs.


Driven by a dedication to quality craftsmanship, these technicians back all of their work with nationwide warranty plans. In addition to Apple products, they also offer services for other electronic brands. If you have questions or concerns regarding your gaming console or tablet, don’t hesitate to ask a knowledgeable staff member.


Instead of looking for a replacement device for your broken iPhone or MacBook, reach out to the friendly folks at uBreakiFix for dependable computer and cell phone repairs. Call them today at (513) 697-9900 to schedule your free diagnostic or visit them online for more information.

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