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Comprehensive Eye Care, LTD., Optometrists, Health and Beauty, Washington, Missouri

Doubling as an optometrist office and alternative art gallery, Comprehensive Eye Care provides an appealing and spacious facility catered toward the health and comfort of each patient. Serving Franklin County, MO, Drs. Michael Korenfeld, MD, ACOS, and Matthew Lazarus, OD offer their ever-growing expertise in all areas of eye care.

Patients of all ages are provided individualized care beginning with flexible scheduling and hours. From routine eye exams to contact lenses and LASIK, patients are provided convenient and quality eye care. Where most optometrist offices have a waiting list for appointments, Comprehensive Eye Care works with each patient’s schedule, avoiding week or month-long wait times.

Both Dr. Korenfeld and Dr. Lazarus perform research and clinical trials, ensuring patients are receiving an up-to-date diagnosis and treatment of ocular diseases, including glaucoma, dry eyes, macular generation, and cataracts.


Dr. Korenfeld has also extended his skillset to performing aesthetic procedures, including Latisse for the eyelashes and eyebrows.


Comprehensive Eye Care believes in the importance of a comfortable atmosphere for its patients. As an alternative art gallery, the facility is designed to be appealing to the eye. Over 70 original pieces of artwork are displayed, including paintings, photography, sculpture, and hand-blown glass pieces.


No matter the diagnosis or treatment, Comprehensive Eye Care is committed to using the least invasive methodologies by staying up to date with current technologies and equipment in the ocular field. Providing “the best in ocular care,” both Drs. Korenfeld and Lazarus can help you improve your vision with your comfort and convenience in mind. Visit the stunning facility today by calling (636) 390-3999 or visit online for more information.

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