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If you’re looking for quality and compassionate healthcare services and education, look no further than Norman Regional Health System. With numerous locations throughout south central Oklahoma, you can expect responsive, efficient and safe outpatient and inpatient services. Since laying the last brick in 1946, Norman Regional has been dedicated to the always-changing healthcare industry by offering easily accessed and cost-efficient ways to prevent disease or lessen its effects.

No matter what medical care you need, Norman Regional has you covered with over 2,700 staff and 356 credentialed physicians. From behavioral medicine to emergency room services to wound care to surgery, the Health System offers a variety of services for all ages and in locations close to where you live. Norman Regional is also Center of Excellence certified by the American Diabetes Association, Diversified Clinical Services, and the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

The six locations served by the Norman Regional Health System include:

Norman Regional Hospital: (405) 307-9355

Norman Regional Healthplex: (405) 515-1000

Norman Regional Moore: (405) 793-9355

Oklahoma Surgical Associates: (405) 329-4102

Moore Care for Women: (405) 793-2229

Journey Clinic: (405) 735-2049

By bringing together quality care and a compassionate spirit, Norman Regional offers outstanding healthcare and hospital services to south Oklahoma’s regional communities. Dedicated to giving back to the community, Norman Regional won the 2014 Healthcare Marketing IMPACT awards for its community outreach campaign of the year.

Take a moment to explore the 32 associated healthcare businesses that provide state-of-the-art care on the Norman Regional Health System website. If you’re looking for more information or you need help choosing a doctor, hospital, or family medicine practice that’s right for you, give them a call at (405) 307-1000.

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