Washington Heights, New York

181st Street Urgent Care Center


181st Street Urgent Care Center

521 W 181st St
New York, NY 10033
(347) 756-6000
181st Street Urgent Care Center, Medical Clinics, Services, New York, New York

When you’re looking for urgent medical care in New York, NY, 181st Street Urgent Care Center has you covered. This facility offers a number of medical services for you and your family members, helping you improve your health, diagnose underlying issues, and provide all of the services you need at an affordable price. They have trained medical specialists who want nothing more than to see you achieve optimal health and a host of services to see that goal achieved.


From pediatrics to cardiology, there are numerous forms of health care services that these expert physicians and health professionals can provide. Their goal is to treat as many patients as possible, regardless of the illness or injury they’re suffering from, as evidenced by their extensive list of medical services. These areas also include family medicine, internal medicine, and gastroenterology, for comprehensive health care services. As part of the HDR Healthcare Network, they aim for continued customer satisfaction by providing exceptional medical care.


To provide you with unmatched health care services, this urgent care center is open to various types of insurance. They’re considered in-network with a wide variety of companies, including Affinity, Amerigroup, and United Healthcare®. While you may be subject to co-payments, you can rest easy knowing that being part of their in-network group helps you receive premium health care services at economical prices.


Choose 181st Street Urgent Care Center for unmatched medical care. Call (347) 756-6000 today or visit them online for additional information.

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