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Peak Health, Herbal Medicine, Services, Los Gatos, California

Did you know 86 percent of premature death is a result of what we ingest and expose our body to? Being mindful of how you fuel and treat your body is more important than ever, and Peak Health in Los Gatos, CA, is here to help. This health and wellness company has studied human health since 1984. Using bio-information and innovative Deep Health™ technology, as well as offering supplements through their Phyto Farmacy brand, these experts will determine your current health and provide you with the resources and supplements you need to live a healthier life.


Their Deep Health devices offer data on what stressors are causing the most damage to your body. They evaluate your smooth muscles, dry bone mass, and body moisture to give you a more comprehensive idea of your health, as well as to help you and the health and wellness experts at Peak Health determine what actions need to be taken to get you healthier. Unlike other health technology, Deep Health can predict how certain changes in lifestyle—diet, exercise, and supplements—will affect your health with up to 96 percent accuracy.


Along with your customized low-calorie diet plan, men and women alike can take advantage of Phyto Farmacy’s numerous herbal supplements. These products combine both natural plant ingredients and pharmaceutical science to bring you the best results. Choose from serums, tablets, oils, and creams to bring you better health. Whether you’re training for a sport or looking to better manage your diabetes, they have a solution for you.


Make the changes that will best affect your health with help from Peak Health. Their health and wellness team is ready to help you give your body the care and nutrients it deserves. Call (844) 960-7325 or visit them online for more information today.

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