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Jay's Firewood & Mulch LLC, Firewood, Services, Perryville, Missouri

As a dedicated business that provides seasoned firewood, mulch delivery and full tree service to residents in the greater St. Louis, MO area, Jay’s Firewood & Mulch has developed a reputation for exceptional work and products. Not only do locals rely on this company for its firewood needs, they also know that the crew here is ready, willing and able to take on a wide variety of landscaping jobs.

Central to this business is a thorough knowledge of all things wood related; whether you need mulch for the yard or wood for home heating, the fireplace or cooking, this business will deliver it right to you. All of the wood it carries is locally grown, and the company sells seasoned oak firewood, shredded hardwood mulch and hickory firewood by the cord or cord increment.

What’s more, the folks at Jay’s Firewood & Mulch also provide a range of landscaping services. Whether you need insured tree service, including pruning and full-on removal, mulching or shrub maintenance, the contractors have the expertise and equipment to get the job done right. These contractors can even take on more involved tasks like the building of retaining walls. No matter the size or scope of the job, this team is dedicated to ensuring you get exactly what you want.

With a sterling track record that spans over 17 years in the business, Jay’s Firewood & Mulch is a proud part of the St. Louis area’s community; as such, the crew here treats every client like the neighbor that he or she is. The staff knows that only by ensuring that everyone who works with them is completely satisfied can they survive and thrive as a business.

So if you need firewood, mulch or landscaping services, Jay’s Firewood & Mulch is the area’s best choice. To find out more about this local, small business, check out its website or simply give the team a call at (877) 492-2970.

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