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Steel rebar is a common material used in construction projects but is susceptible to rust, is hard to transport, and can be costly for contractors. Before settling for this traditional product, turn to Paul Kane from Aloha Marketing Manufacturers Representatives, LLC in Ewa Beach, HI. He takes pride in promoting GatorBar™, an innovative composite rebar produced by Neuvokas™.


Whether you’re planning to pave a commercial parking lot or to pour pavement for an industrial park, GatorBar provides you with a wide range of advantages. This one-of-a-kind rebar is two times stronger and seven times lighter than average steel alternatives. Since 25 pieces of the material weigh in at just 47 pounds, two members of your crew can carry a pre-tied grid, saving you time and money.


As a rust-free fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) rebar, this material is ideal for roadways and bridges. These structures would require less maintenance because of their ability to withstand the wear and tear of road salt and other chemicals. Clients will also benefit from their crack control capabilities.


There’s no reason to worry about expansion pops in finished concrete jobs as this well-vetted design offers a stable coefficient of thermal expansion, resulting in a better application than epoxy-coated steel rebar. Select from an array of shapes and bends designed to tie corners to floors and slabs to extruded curbs. From increased flexibility to reduced lifecycle costs, you can count on a larger return on investment when utilizing GatorBar.


When the time comes to select the right rebar for your upcoming projects by reaching out to Paul Kane at Aloha Marketing Manufacturers Representatives. Contact Paul by calling (808) 537-2811 or visit him online for more information.

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