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Member Perks LLC

Member Perks LLC

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Member Perks LLC, Timeshares, Real Estate, Ballwin, Missouri

Have you been the victim of joining a timeshare, with no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into or how it benefits you? Member Perks, LLC is the company to help you settle those questions. Based in Ballwin, MO, they’ll help you get out of your timeshare thanks to their numerous strategies available. They’re a timeshare reimbursement and exit company, dedicated to giving you accurate information and sound advice so you can make the best decision.


From appraising your timeshare to selling it, the professionals at this vacation management company offer state-of-the-art customer service so you feel secure in the information you receive as it relates to your timeshare. They offer a timeshare transfer program to help get you out of it in 60 days or less.


In today’s climate, it’s imperative you pay attention when you have a timeshare. There are numerous ways to fall victim to scams, as resale scammers can contact you over the phone, requesting fees upfront and taking your hard-earned money from you. These can become truly troublesome, because if they get you once, they can get you twice in the form of an agency calling to help you recover your losses. These scammers prey on the uninformed, but when you choose a proven timeshare reimbursement company to work with, there’s nothing to fear.


Find out how to shed your timeshare by choosing Member Perks as your timeshare reimbursement company. Call them today at (877) 600-5711 or visit them online for more details.

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