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Businesses rely on a climate of change and innovation to avoid running into hurdles that will stop them from staying ahead of the competition. When challenges present themselves, you need a reliable business consultant to get you back on track. At Yancey Consulting in O'Fallon, MO, clients will benefit from the insights needed to hire skilled personnel, address issues with organizational structure, and create clear visions.


With more than 20 years of experience, professional business consultant Lori Yancey provides sound advice in the area of acquiring top talent. She understands the importance of hiring the right individuals that align with your company’s values and will pass that knowledge on to your managers. From designing clearly defined job descriptions to handling all aspects of the recruiting process, you can count on her to improve your employee pipeline.


The backbone of your business is directly tied to a sound organizational structure. Lori will sit down with you and your staff to review the performance and maturity levels of operations and customer services. Your team can look forward to pursuing goals that address inefficient tasks, unaccountability, and poor client support.


In addition to hiring channels and organizational structure, this consulting agency also offers solutions to forming new operating models. Lori will work diligently to define and design business processes that align with your target outcomes. Feel free to ask her questions and concerns regarding customer experience and opportunity growth.


Do you need help from an expert business consultant? Driven by a passion to find qualified talent and improve work environments, Yancey Consulting is your answer to business optimization. Call Lori today at (314) 614-7542 to get started or visit her online for more information.

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