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John D. Mainwaring DDS

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When you need a dentist to give you the very best in dental care, come to John D. Mainwaring, DDS in Orange, CT. More than just a family dental practice, Dr. John Mainwaring and his associates, Dr. Raman Gill and Dr. Pamela Karkut, use state-of-the-art equipment to perform a variety of procedures to make sure that their patients’ teeth will always be healthy and spotless.

Besides offering cleanings and general dentistry checkups for children and adults, Dr. Mainwaring’s dental office can also take digital X-rays, perform root canals, fit patients for crowns and white fillings (also known as composites), place veneers, and use cosmetic dentistry techniques and Zoom! Whitening products to fix any teeth misalignment, enamel loss, or discoloration issues.

With a convenient location at the Spring Brook Common right in the middle of town and an open appointment schedule that can be filled every day except Sunday, you never have to worry about taking a long drive out of your way for your oral health. At Dr. Mainwaring’s practice, the first priority is always taking care of the patient so that they can have a smile to be proud of.

If you are looking for a new dentist or think that you might be in need of a routine checkup, call John D. Mainwaring, DDS at (203)-799-6625 or visit his website for more information about all of the services offered at the office.

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The family dental practice of Mainwaring John D DDS in Orange, CT is growing! Throughout years of practice, Dr. John Mainwaring has earned a reputation for providing more
Mainwaring John D DDS of Orange, CT, offers a comprehensive assortment of dental services, from general dentistry and cleaning to digital X-rays and beyond. Not only do they use the more
Dr. John Mainwaring has built his family dental practice, Mainwaring John D DDS, on compassion, reliability, and vast experience. He strives to provide his patients with the more
Everyone dreams of having a healthy, sparkling smile they’re proud to show. Mainwaring John D DDS turns those dreams into reality for customers at his family dental practice in more
Mainwaring John D DDS in Orange, CT, is the dental practice of Dr. John D. Mainwaring and his associates, Dr. Raman Gill and Dr. Pamela Karkut.A family dental practice that offers more