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When you want reliable plumbing services at affordable prices, GNG Plumbing and The Hardware Store is the company to call. They have provided nearly 30 years of quality installation, maintenance, and repairs to residential, commercial, and industrial properties in Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, and southern Baldwin County.

Whether you need a new bathroom installed for your home renovation project or have a pipe burst in the middle of the night, the expert plumbers at GNG Plumbing and The Hardware Store will get the job done right the first time. With extensive experience in domestic and industrial plumbing systems, they will determine the issue and perform the repairs as quickly as possible while providing quality results.They also 

know that your plumbing bill shouldn’t come as a shock, so they provide an upfront estimate for your project. Their bills are itemized—so you know what you’re paying for—and they charge by the job, not by the hour. If you decide to purchase the parts you need from their hardware retail store, their staff will provide professional advice so you can save money on your repairs.

Do you have a plumbing emergency? GNG Plumbing and The Hardware Store has 24/7 emergency plumbing services. Their plumbers respond immediately and arrive with fully stocked vehicles to address the problem. They know that when you have a blocked drain that’s causing a flood in your basement, you can’t wait for a plumber to take his time to arrive.

GNG Plumbing and The Hardware Store is leading provider of plumbing services in Orange Beach and the surrounding areas, and they are the company to call when you have a plumbing issue. Contact them at (251) 974-5630 to speak to a professional about your plumbing needs, or visit them online to learn more about their grinder pump services or to see their list of available hardware products.

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  G N G PLUMBING, INC. “Our Quality is the Difference” 24829 Canal Road – Orange Beach, AL 36561 Phone: 251-974-5630 – Fax: 251-974-5628 E-mail: more
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GNG Plumbing and The Hardware Store is Orange Beach, AL's leading residential plumbing and hardware retail service, covering the areas of Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Fort Morgan, and more
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GNG Plumbing and The Hardware Store has been serving Orange Beach, AL, and the surrounding area for more than 30 years. They're locally owned and known as the region's most trusted more
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For almost three decades, GNG Plumbing and The Hardware Store has provided dependable plumbing services at reasonable prices to the Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Ono, Fort Morgan more
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