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Aerial Visions, Video Surveillance Equipment, Family and Kids, Akron, Ohio

Whether you want to evaluate the progress of a construction project or you’re in the market for infrared scans as part of a natural resource or wildlife protection effort, you’re going to need high-quality equipment and qualified professionals to get you the results you deserve. Aerial Visions, LLC in Akron, OH, has just what you’re looking for. With their fleet of sophisticated drones and full compliance with FAA regulations, these specialists are ready to seize any moment from a bird's eye view.


With nearly 800 photos taken, over 8,000 minutes of video, and over 400 customers served, this professional drone video and photography company has the experience you’re looking for. All their drone pilots are licensed, insured, and highly trained, and they’re the only company with the capability and waivers necessary to offer night droning. From thermal and infrared scanning drones for search and rescue missions to surveillance drones for roofing inspections, they have the technology to deliver exceptionally high-quality footage and photographs.


When you need a facade inspection on a new construction project, count on these skilled drone pilots to operate in tight spaces and to capture the most important images. They also offer hourly or daily coverage for area surveys on your potential construction sites, shooting various angles so you can share them with clients or stakeholders. Let them help you create a 3D interactive tour of your commercial space for your company’s website. No matter what your goal is, with these experts, the sky’s the limit.


From Detroit, MI, to Cincinnati, OH, Aerial Visions is ready to handle any project you have that requires drone technology. Find out more about the projects they’re suited to handle by visiting them online, on Facebook, or by calling (234) 706-2020.

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