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Lifestyle By Choice, Hypnotherapist, Health and Beauty, Madison, Wisconsin

Lifestyle By Choice is a counseling center that offers comprehensive programs to meet your therapeutic needs. From hypnotherapy to addiction counseling, Lifestyle By Choice is here to help you break through psychological barriers to get better.

Lifestyle By Choice is under the guide of Gary J. Coenen, a clinical substance abuse counselor and certified clinical hypnotherapist. He believes that addictive behavior is manageable and works with individuals to help overcome these addictive behaviors or any other type of excessive “mind chatter” that leads to excess. A specialist in hypnosis therapy, Gary J. Coenen has seen great success in many of his patients to overcome their challenges.

Among these challenges may be substance abuse. Unlike other substance abuse counseling, Lifestyle By Choice emphasizes that you, as an individual, have a choice. Substance abuse is manageable, and therapy is an extension of self-improvement.

Hypnosis is also a celebrated treatment at Lifestyle By Choice, and in recent years, it has gained larger recognition within the medical communities. A hypnotherapist induces hypnosis to assist a patient into entering a state of altered focus awareness. The hypnotherapist can then input information into the subconscious mind that has been previously agreed upon by both parties. Hypnosis for weight loss, hypnosis for smoking and hypnosis for anxiety has proven very effective for some patients, with one noting that, "I knew what I needed to do to lose weight, but something kept me from moving forward. Gary helped me break through that psychological barrier and lose 60 very unwanted pounds."

If you or a loved one needs addiction help or hypnotherapy today, call (608) 213-3158 to schedule an appointment with Lifestyle By Choice, or visit the website for more information.

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