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Experimac Avon, Computer Repair, Services, Avon, Indiana

Has your iPhone® fallen victim to a cracked screen? Are you searching for a new MacBook® for school or work? Whether you need repairs or an affordable deal on a used Apple® device, the trusted team at Experimac Avon in Indiana has you covered. These skilled technicians are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of clients with cost-effective solutions and a large stock of the latest products on the market.


This local computer repair shop specializes in the repair and maintenance of Apple devices, including every generation of iPhone, iPad®, and MacBook. Whether you’re dealing with water damage, a broken screen, or lagging speeds, they take pride in creating custom solutions for your problems. You can feel free to walk in or call ahead for an appointment, which features diagnostic assessments and a 90-day warranty on repairs.


If you’re ready to upgrade your current Apple device, don’t hesitate to take advantage of their competitively priced used Apple products. Bring in your old phone or laptop to receive instant cash or credit toward your next device. Friendly staff members will also explain financing options for additional savings at the time of your purchase.


Clients across the region have come to know these experts for their dedication to customer support. They work hard to answer questions and concerns regarding the repair process, as well as provide advice on trades and upgrades. Additionally, all of their products are backed by an in-depth certification process.


When the time comes to repair, trade, or sell your Apple device, turn to the proven team at Experimac Avon. Call them today at (317) 755-1341 to schedule an appointment or visit them online for more information.

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