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A trip to the dentist shouldn't be a stressful experience. It also shouldn't break the bank. That's why Alaska Dental Arts North Pole is here: to provide you and your family with premier quality dental services in a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere—all at a price that fits within your budget. The team at Alaska Dental Arts adheres to a threefold commitment to all patients: attentiveness to your needs, open communication at all times, and patient education that keeps you informed and engaged in your treatment plan. Services available at Alaska Dental Arts include:

  • General Dentistry: General dentist services cover the basic care, protection, and preventative procedures needed to maintain good oral health. Examinations, X-rays, cleanings, crowns, and fillings are all available at Alaska Dental Arts.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry: Teeth whitening procedures, veneers, and dental implants are common cosmetic dentist procedures. Alaska Dental Arts will help you restore your smile and make your teeth sparkle.
  • Sedation Dentistry: Dental anxiety can be crippling and prevent us from getting the care we need. Alaska Dental Arts will work with you to tackle your anxiety through different means of relaxation, including sedation dentistry. Don't let fear keep you from the dentist chair!

For an exceptional, affordable dentist in the North Pole area, call Alaska Dental Arts North Pole today at (907) 490-4650, and book your appointment. The practice is open Monday through Friday, and early morning cleaning appointments are available. The office also works with a number of insurance companies to better meet your financial needs. At Alaska Dental Arts, you can get all your dental services—conveniently and affordably—under one roof.

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