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Rainbow Roof Maintenance

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Rainbow Roof Maintenance, Roofing, Services, Honolulu, Hawaii

Even well-constructed roofs can’t stand up to the beautiful, hot sun of Hawaii, and that’s where Steve Maero and Rainbow Roof Maintenance comes in. The roofing experts provide superior quality coating, design, installation, maintenance, and repairs to commercial and residential properties throughout the Honolulu community. Their individualized planning and cost-effective services have ensured that every client has been receiving their ideal, long-lasting roof at an affordable price since 1978.

Currently, Rainbow Roof Maintenance is able to offer the following services:

  • Roof Coating
  • Weather-proofing
  • Leak Repair
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Construction
  • ...and so many more, all for residential and commercial properties alike.

The company has proudly built its reputation on their innovative and high quality work. With “unparalleled” services from Rainbow Roof Maintenance, Hawaii saves over $1,000,000 each year! How? By creating the longest lasting, best-looking, and overall “enhanced” roofs on the first try, Rainbow Roof Maintenance, allows customers to pay for one roof job – and spend the rest of their money somewhere else!

Rainbow Roof Maintenance provides the finest roofing installation, maintenance, and repair in Honolulu. They’ll build, design, construct, and even install the roof of your dreams at the fairest prices on the island! Schedule a consultation with the expert roofers today. Call (808) 377-6172 to set up an appointment, and visit the roofing company online for a complete list of services and client testimonials.

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