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Paul's Tree Service

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Whether you’ve been the unfortunate recipient of a large tree falling on your car or home or you’re afraid that one sick tree on your lawn will harm the others around it, you’re going to need an educated, careful, and experienced arborist who specializes in removals. Paul’s Tree Service in Anchorage, AK, specializes in trees difficult to remove. With so many reasons for needing a tree removed, you won’t need many to seek out their services.


Whether you want to clear land for new construction or just want to get rid of an eyesore, Paul’s Tree Service can take on the job. They also have a wide range of tree care services, including pruning, stump removal, and planting, as well as preventative care such as hazardous tree removal. Whatever your needs, you can count on this team to ensure your property not only looks great but, more importantly, is safe for you, your family, and your guests.


From reducing the risks associated with a weakened tree during a storm to removing dozens of trees for your new home, you can count on Paul’s Tree Service to provide the commercial and residential tree care services you need. Call them today at (907) 317-3812 to schedule an appointment or visit their website for a closer look at their services.