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Hanauma Bay Snorkel and Swim

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When you have a long weekend to spare or you’re on vacation and looking for exotic fun, why not give snorkeling a try? Hanauma Bay Snorkel and Swim in Honolulu, HI, has been giving the best snorkeling tours in the area for nearly 20 years. Whether you’re a professional snorkeler, a curious patron or a family looking for family-friendly fun, you can count on the customer service team, divers, and experts on this staff to lead you toward a rewarding experience.


They offer amazing services during your stay in your Waikiki hotel, including round-trip transportation and snorkeling equipment. All you need is your sense of adventure. When you reach the bay, they have plenty of locker space, a snack bar for those looking for a more relaxed time, and all-terrain wheelchairs for those with accessibility issues.


When you decide on a snorkeling tour with experts trained in the art of snorkeling and fun, you’re in for quite the treat. Safety is important as well, and their professionals will ensure your rental equipment and snorkel supplies are fit and secure. From your mask down to your swim fins, you’ll be snug and secure while you explore the beautiful coral reefs of Hanauma Bay.


When you’re done, relax on the warm sandy beaches on the bay, overlooking the crisp, clear blue waters while the breeze rattles the leaves of the palm trees above. Whether you’re on vacation or you’re a local, choose Hanauma Bay Snorkel and Swim as your destination for safe and relaxing fun. Make your reservation today by calling (808) 428-5667.