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Evergreen Pain Management & Rehabilitation Center, Pain Management, Services, Sheffield, Ohio

Where drug treatments and surgeries are deemed the first option for healing, Evergreen Pain Management & Rehabilitation Center finds the root of your discomfort before opting for expensive and invasive procedures. Based in Sheffield Village, OH, the center specializes in treating work, sports, and auto accident injuries, as well as providing chiropractic care.

With a team of medical doctors, chiropractic physicians, physical therapists, exercise physiologists, and massage therapists, you will have a treatment plan catered to your exact needs. Evergreen Pain Management & Rehabilitation Center offers a multidisciplinary approach to healing. The specialists tackle your pain at all angles to ensure comprehensive healing.

As an extensive rehabilitation center, the practice utilizes the most advanced diagnostic testing equipment, including X-rays, MRI, CT, Ultrasound, and EMG/NCV. Evergreen Pain Management & Rehabilitation Center also provides general and holistic treatment for chronic pain in the neck and back, including acupuncture services.

The compassionate and friendly staff believes that proper healing should be available to everyone. With affordable rates, you can receive excellent chiropractic care, no matter your budget. The treatment center accepts most insurance programs, as well as auto accident and worker's compensation. New patients can register online for free prior to their first visit.

Whether you need to get back into the game with a healed ACL or just want to get back to work after an accident, Evergreen Pain Management & Rehabilitation Center has the experts and equipment to keep you moving and healthy. Call (440) 240-9111 today to schedule your appointment, or visit online for more information.

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