North Austin, Texas

Flywheel Sports Domain

Flywheel Sports Domain

3220 Amy Donovan Plaza, Ste 128
Austin, TX 78758
(512) 387-5464
Flywheel Sports Domain, Cycling Studio, Health and Beauty, Austin, Texas

The team at Flywheel Sports understands that a challenging workout doesn’t have to be an intimidating one. Their spin classes and precision training workouts are designed to target your own goals, while their welcoming team in Austin, TX motivates you to reach for your personal limits every time you walk in the cycling studio.

As performance metrics guide you through each indoor cycling ride, you are driven by a race against yourself—your metrics from your previous class that is. World-class Fly instructors help to get you there, with a motivational push through those tough climbs and custom playlists to fuel the fun. Off the bike, FlyBarre will help you build your most limitless self when you’re not crushing it in the stadium. Expect a total body burn with a high-energy, full-body workout using light weights and high reps.

Flywheel’s low-impact spin classes bring out the very best in you, whether you’re trying to strengthen your joints, cut your risk of heart disease, or simply build physical and mental stamina. To join the FLY Fam, call them today at (512) 387-5464,  visit them online or text FLY to 64520 for more information.