Honolulu, Hawaii

Brug Bakery

From Hokkaido with Aloha

Brug Bakery

1450 Ala Moana Blvd, Suite 2274
Honolulu, HI 96814
(808) 945-2200
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Whether you’re purchasing a specialty item for a family celebration or a simple treat for your own personal comfort, BRUG Bakery in Honolulu, HI, offers the authentic Japanese baked goods you deserve. With over 70 handmade bread items, there’s something for everyone to take home. What separates this trusted bakery apart from the crowd is their commitment to quality ingredients and inspiration from Hokkaido, Japan.


You and your family will love these delicious baked goods that are handmade with joy each day of the week by skilled professionals. This locally owned and operated bakery utilizes specially selected top quality imported flour, as well as their Mainz flour, made from Hokkaido wheat, produced specifically for the products they sell. You can also enjoy your bread knowing it was baked with no artificial preservatives, coloring, or other additives.


Since their beginning in Hokkaido in 1977, and opening in Hawaii in 2013, this proven bakery has continued to stay true to honoring traditions that align with Hawaii’s local tastes while also reflecting their own originality and creativity. Talented chefs offer a wide selection of baked goods that change periodically with the seasons. From Japanese loaf bread and focaccia to sweets and savory items, they take pride in providing an assortment of tasty treats.


Are you looking to stock up the cupboards with homemade bread? For authentic Japanese baked goods, turn to BRUG Bakery, your home for top-of-the-line artisan-style bread and pastries. Call them today at (808) 945-2200 to speak with a friendly staff member, visit them onlineor check out their Facebook for the most updated information! 

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