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From laminates and hardwood to installation and refinishing, Coast Floors LLC takes the art of flooring to new heights. Since 2002, their team of highly skilled craftsmen has transformed the floors of Bridgeport into stunning showpieces that increase the enjoyment and value of the home.

The dedicated team at Coast Floors believes in putting in the time to get the job done right, from the initial consultation and installation, through repairs and refinishing. If your home needs a distinctive touch, Coast Floors LLC can work with you to realize intricate, inlaid flooring designs and customized stairways.

Deck staining and deck refinishing services will keep your patio areas fresh and ready for the season, and when your hardwoods start to show their age over time, Coast Floors can step in with floor sanding and hardwood floor refinishing services tailored to make your floor glow with the richness of a well-tended grain.

Coast Floors LLC works with only top-of-the-line brands like Bona, Verthane, American Vintage, and Behr to ensure the quality of your floor will stand the test of time. The team takes pride in their work, and is committed to upholding green standards to ensure that your floor is free of harsh chemicals and friendly to the environment.

At Coast Floors LLC, you can rest easy knowing that you will walk away with a floor that is best suited to your lifestyle and budget. If you are best served removing a few nicks and adding a fresh coat of varnish to your slightly dull older floor, that’s what you will get. The team at Coast Floors LLC believes in quality and service, and offers free consultations and an online calculator to make sure your job is done beautifully and quickly.

Call Coast Floors LLC at (203) 400-0979 for your quote today or visit our website.

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