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We strive to make each individual experience with Crest Lincoln unique and special, whether you are here for Parts, Service or Sales.

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If you’re looking for a luxury vehicle in Woodbridge, CT, stop by Crest AutoMall. The car dealership carries a wide selection of new and pre-owned vehicles, as well as the most cutting-edge models on the market today. Whether you're looking for a mid-size SUV to tote around the family or the stylish MKZ to cruise around town, the shop's friendly, knowledgeable sales experts will help you choose the right vehicle.

Crest AutoMall is much more than just a car dealership, though; the shop also boasts a service department with highly qualified technicians and a car body shop should your car need some maintenance. Crest AutoMall's expert mechanics are equipped to offer the best auto service available in an affordable, timely manner. Whether you need a simple brake alignment or your engine servicing, the staff will get your vehicle back in working order.

When you purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle from Crest AutoMall, you’re also eligible for perks and discounts through its owner advantage program. As a member, you’ll receive a $10 discount on future service or parts, 5% off all parts and future services, and complimentary oil changes whenever your vehicle needs them. At Crest AutoMall, the customer always comes first, which is why membership in the owner advantage program is free.

For those in need of financing, Crest AutoMall's financing department will work with you to explore your options. If you need information on the best loan or leasing choices, the staff is here to help.

To purchase a new or pre-owned luxury vehicle at a price that can’t be beat, contact Crest AutoMall today at (203) 389-7100, or visit the dealership online to view its inventory.

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