Chelsea, New York

Flywheel Sports Chelsea

Flywheel Sports Chelsea

245 West 17th Street
New York, NY 10011
(646) 661-7449
Flywheel Sports Chelsea, Cycling Studio, Health and Beauty, New York, New York

A good workout nourishes your body, but a great workout nourishes your soul. Flywheel Sports has a mission for their riders to “Never Coast,” emphasizing a performance-focused, inspirational, and welcoming indoor cycling experience fit for anyone. Their state-of-the-art cycling studio offers the athletic, intense workouts you need guided by a passionate, supportive team you deserve. That’s why folks across New York, NY start their day in a stadium class to improve their overall fitness.

Flywheel’s indoor cycling revolves around performance metrics that push you to your limits during each class. You can then track your progress from ride to ride, each led by Fly instructors that radiate positivity throughout class. They will help you learn proper form on your bike, jam along to each ride’s unique playlist, and celebrate your successes in each workout. Those accomplishments become more evident with each ride, as spin classes improve heart and joint health, as well as tone muscles and boost physical stamina.

Looking for a truly immersive and motivating indoor cycling workout? Call Flywheel Sports today at (646) 661-7449, visit them online or text FLY to 64520 for more information. For your daily dose of #NeverCoast, follow them on Instagram.