Henrietta, New York

Ascension Garden Cemetery

Ascension Garden Cemetery

1900 Pinnacle Rd
Henrietta, NY 14467
(585) 697-1122
Ascension Garden Cemetery , Cemetery, Services, Henrietta, New York

Established more than 135 years ago, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Rochester, NY, is a sacred and peaceful place where you can lay your loved ones to rest. Utilizing traditional Catholic burial rites, your passed family member will receive the respectful and reverent treatment they deserve when beginning their eternal life.


Dedicated to burying baptized members of their faith in consecrated ground, this historical cemetery offers a variety of burial arrangements to meet your specific preferences. Whether your family would rather be placed together in an above-ground mausoleum or buried in adjacent burial plots, this team will help you find the right option for you. As cremation becomes a growing choice for Catholics, they recognize cremated remains as a sacred body and follow the same burial rites in accordance with their faith.


While losing a loved one is always a challenging experience, their compassionate staff is readily available to ensure you don’t have to endure this alone. They’ll assist you in carrying out the final wishes of your departed family member, taking the time needed with each family to make sure everything is handled properly.


They also work with those looking to pre-plan their own burial arrangements. Not only are you lifting a burden from your family members, but pre-planning also ensures that your physical remains will be treated according to your wishes. Pre-planning also has financial benefits as your costs are locked in at the rate you pay now, avoiding inflation costs in the future.


Ensuring you and your loved ones have a final resting place in a sacred and beautiful place, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery is committed to helping you make sure your physical remains will be cared for while your eternal soul is united with the Lord. Call them today at (585) 458-4110 or visit them online for more information.

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