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When you’re facing criminal charges, bankruptcy, divorce, or other complex issues requiring legal aid, the attorneys at Watson Law Firm in Harrison, AR are on your side. With more than three decades working the courtroom, you can count on the team to give you the best representation and counsel.

The Team

The firm includes a robust line-up of divorce lawyers, bankruptcy lawyers, and family law attorneys. The firm's lawyers are always committed to working with you on a personal level in order to get the best outcome for your case.

Types of Cases Handled

The Watson Law Firm offers a full continuum of legal aid services, including help when filing a separation agreement or when requesting legal guardianship of a minor for instance.

In addition, if you were falsely accused of a crime, the criminal defense attorneys at the firm will work diligently to prove your innocence.

Facing bankruptcy? The expert lawyers will recommend the best path to take for protecting your assets.

To get professional and effective legal aid services, speak to an attorney at Watson Law Firm by calling (870) 704-4037 today, or visit the firm's website for more information. Don’t take a wait-and-see approach. It’s better to win the first round than to file an appeal.

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