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From unexpected backups in your pipes to leaky faucets at your office, untimely plumbing issues can strike at a moment’s notice. When searching for a dependable plumber to combat your difficult situations, turn to the professionals at Gardiner Plumbing. With more than 30 years of experience, these experts are dedicated to serving residential and commercial clients across San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding area.


As a certified Master Plumber with the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners, you can count on this licensed plumbing contractor to provide complete drain cleaning services. They take pride in inspecting and clearing out clogged kitchen, bathroom, and sewer drains. Clients will benefit from their advice on avoiding grease, soap, and food blockages.


Are you having problems with your water heater? If too much pressure has built up in your water heater, you could be dealing with a potential major repair. This proven team of plumbers will check for fractures and leaks to create a custom plan of action for your home or office. Home and business owners can also take advantage of their affordable prices on new units and installations.


In addition to plumbing repairs, you and your family can watch as these experts turn your dated bathroom into a dream oasis with new plumbing fixtures, including showers, sinks, and tubs. Feel free to ask knowledgeable staff members about energy-saving products that will help lower your water consumption.


Whether you’re facing a bathroom renovation or broken pipes, go with the reliable solutions at Gardiner Plumbing to receive the dependable results you deserve. Call them today at (210) 421-7756 to schedule an estimate.

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